Ethnic from India. The term comes from the dark colour of their skin combined with the spice they use for all their dishes. Syn: macaca
I'm fed up of the classroom stench due to these curry niggers | Curry niggers are naturally prone to betrayal
by Office of Asian studies May 28, 2012
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People of African descent get 'nigger' tossed at them--and use the pejorative amongst themselves as, some would say, a form of empowering re-appropriation. We also have 'sand nigger' for the Islam-colonized of the Middle East and North Africa. Admirers of the British raj use yet another variation for the swarming multitudes in India and their overseas cousins: 'curry nigger'.
A lot of curry niggers are popping up on TV these days: that chick on ER, Apu, the Qwikie Mart owner on the Simpsons, and that other chick from The Office.
by Indiaphile May 17, 2006
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