Cup of Tea. One of the best drinks ever. Better than coffee.

It is also very addicting.
*Freddy eats cookie*
Freddy: Mmm Cookie. I'm gonna wash this down with a good ol Cuppa Tea!

*Jeffrey is outside in the cold*
Jeffrey: As soon as I get home I'm gonna make a nice hot Cuppa Tea!

Jimmy: Be right back man, gonna go get a Cuppa Tea!

Johnny: What's that, like your 10th cup for today?

Jimmy: Nah man, I'm on my 22nd cup

Johnny: Wow

Jimmy: Giddy up!
by Jimmy Man June 6, 2011
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Stop being such a cuppa tea
Last night was a cuppa tea
"hey man" "cuppa tea"
by Cuppa Tea April 28, 2013
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If you British and a American hears your accent, they will think of the linecuppa tea”, they might even ask you for a “cuppa tea”.
Chad: Yo whatzzz up, I’m Brad. You new here or something?

Amanda: (British Accent) Greetings Chad, mine own nameth is Amanda. I moved over yonder behindith thou hillside.

Chad: That’s sick brooo. I live their too. Wait are you British? You sound British.

Amanda: Aye, I am British

Chad: Wooah that’s sick bro. (Does British Accent) woulda like a cuppa tea? (Laughs after) haha I’m playing with you. Have a good day Amanda

Amanda (confused) alright, Cheerios Chad.
by TunaCuppaTea October 18, 2021
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Cuppa teas are lovely. In France they only sell ice tea which I made me angry. British people love tea. There sweet and the best time to drink it is when you get it on the way to school and sing a song.
Cuppa tea are the best
by Sherral Button December 10, 2017
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