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A fucking lot. Similiar to fuckload, but more by a factor of 10. This is due to the increased severity of the prefix.
Yer, I'll bring a cuntload of bread over, we're gonna get the munchies big time on this hydro shit.
by Jamima courtesy of caity. July 20, 2008
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The amount of liquid taken to completely fill one vagina to utmost capacity. Can often cause an uncontrollable creampie.
Megan: Wow, you came loads!
Kenny: Yeah, well over a cunt load. Sorry about the mess.
by shendo.kezzy November 08, 2011
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(noun) A very large amount. Akin to truckload. Literally, an ample seminal deposit, or load, in the vagina.
I’ve got a cuntload of rubbish to trundle off to the curb.
by Maleano B May 19, 2010
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