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A person that's a cunt and has the brain capacity of a chicken nugget.
Fucking Cunt Nugget camping in the fucking corner!!!
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by GreaterJeans83 July 20, 2018
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a derogatory term used to refer to an annoying, bitchy, or otherwise unfavorably viewed person, which compares the referent to a piece of dried period blood, cum (male or female) or some other refuse found in an unclean vaginal cavity, or on the surrounding labia
"{something bitchy or annoying}"

"Shut the fuck up you dumb cuntnugget!!"
by sirgillius March 01, 2010
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1. Coagulated menstrual fluid that is discharge out of a woman's vagina from a queef in solidified chunks

2. Dried period juice chunks that are queefed out of a vagina like a grenade launcher

3. A trifecta of boner-killing potential
"then all the sudden she queef'd and all of these cunt nuggets flew all over my dick"

"I heard a *pfft* looked down and there was a massive cunt nugget laying on the sheets... I lost my boner so fast, my dick tried to run out the back of my ass"
by Marganfreed February 16, 2009
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An asshole who is being a dumbass and should be shot for it.
"Hey you know who kicks ass? Coldplay"
"No they don't, you stupid little fucking cuntnugget asshole."
by Ben March 24, 2004
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a mixture of vaginal discharge, blood from a woman's period, and pubic hairs that have solidified.
Oh man, I found a cunt nugget while eating her out! I threw up right away!
by Lauren Dinks June 19, 2006
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