1. Coagulated menstrual fluid that is discharge out of a woman's vagina from a queef in solidified chunks

2. Dried period juice chunks that are queefed out of a vagina like a grenade launcher

3. A trifecta of boner-killing potential
"then all the sudden she queef'd and all of these cunt nuggets flew all over my dick"

"I heard a *pfft* looked down and there was a massive cunt nugget laying on the sheets... I lost my boner so fast, my dick tried to run out the back of my ass"
by Marganfreed February 16, 2009
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An asshole who is being a dumbass and should be shot for it.
"Hey you know who kicks ass? Coldplay"
"No they don't, you stupid little fucking cuntnugget asshole."
by Ben March 24, 2004
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a derogatory term used to refer to an annoying, bitchy, or otherwise unfavorably viewed person, which compares the referent to a piece of dried period blood, cum (male or female) or some other refuse found in an unclean vaginal cavity, or on the surrounding labia
"{something bitchy or annoying}"

"Shut the fuck up you dumb cuntnugget!!"
by sirgillius March 01, 2010
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a mixture of vaginal discharge, blood from a woman's period, and pubic hairs that have solidified.
Oh man, I found a cunt nugget while eating her out! I threw up right away!
by Lauren Dinks June 19, 2006
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a chuck of solidified, smelly, rank ass yeast and vaginal secretions resembling what looks to be chunks of cottages cheese. can vary in size from small pea like structures, to something that looks similar in size to a medium sized acorn. of course, these chucks are lumpy, and not smooth. you can often find cunt nugget hosts in trailer parks, and strip clubs. seems to also run rampant in the meth community. a cunt nugget is actually an untreated yeast infection
i went to a strip club last night, and as she was giving me a lap dance, and cunt nugget dropped on to my pants. afterward, i burned the pants

them damn trailer trash tweeker bitches have a bad case of cunt nuggets. i can smell that shit when they walk past me
by puppeteers420 September 20, 2010
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