Oral sex performed on the vulva of a female.
The vagina is what you put the penis into, the vulva is the outer area including the lips and clitoris.
a) To go muff diving
b) An expert in foreign languages
I got that job because im such a cunning linguist.
by Hugh G Rection September 20, 2003
To be cunnilingued; Cunnilingue reception
Allison loves when cunnilingus was performed upon her. She says it makes her shudder with passion all night long.
by Burkhan40 February 1, 2006
1. The art of stimulating the meat pocket of a woman.
2. What you do when your girl says,"It's my turn."
3. Ask a question while performing this and get whatever the hell you want.
As I performed cunnilingus, I realized my girl hasn't shaved in quite some time.
by Joshy July 6, 2004
"Bro did you preform cunnilingus? cause there's a different consent form for that." PC Principle
by TheUnLegendary November 25, 2015
Oral sex act performed on a woman's clit. It is mostly done while the woman is lying down or kneeling and the partner is going from behind or below
She told me that she would go spread eagle and I could do what I wanted

So you chose cunnilingus?

Of course!!!
by NoSirNotNow678 June 17, 2015