Pertaining to a certain Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch, the term Cumberbatched refers to;

1. The state of complete awe and fangirl/boying at which it becomes difficult to function normally in the presence of Cumberbatch (even if his presence is merely the organisation of pixels on a screen.)

2. Also refers to a something which sucked before, but, by having an association with him, becomes inherently more awesome.
by That cumberbitch December 29, 2011
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To be overtaken and swooned by the perfection that is the actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Being Cumberbatched will result in the (most likely female) viewer's ovaries exploding and inevitable panty dropping.
I watched Sherlock last night and I was Cumberbatched by his smoky baritone voice.
by kaybeelove December 28, 2011
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To own or pwn someone so completely, it is ridiculous for anyone else to even try to win to the same magnitude!

From the actor Benedict Cumberbatch from the British tv show 'Sherlock'
"I'm not a psychopath, Anderson, I'm a high-functioning sociopath, do your research." - CUMBERBATCHED!
by UkuleleShish December 26, 2011
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To mess up someone's name on purpose.

It came from the running joke of people intentionally messing up Benedict Cumberbatch's name.
Person 1: People need to stop cumberbatching Benadict Cumberbatch's name.

Person 2: I think you mean Banister Crumblebench.

Person 3: I’m pretty sure its Benedong Cucumber.
by Cucumber_water August 15, 2020
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A runny solution of feces and semen, which is the result of too much anal sex.
I was really going to town on Gina's ass last night, but after our third round I looked down to notice that my cock, her ass, and the bedsheets were covered in cumberbatch. We had to call it quits after that... I hate doing midnight laundry.
by Jacksun Edwurd October 2, 2013
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An insult used as a reference to male genitalia. It can used as a substitute to words like prick or tool.
You dirty cumberbatch.
Dude you are such a cumberbatch.
by Toprameneesha February 20, 2014
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1. An unhealthy obsession with a celebrity, besides the fact that said celebrity knows not of the obsessed's existence. At times, a 'Cumberbatcher' will experience episodes of delusion based upon marriage, casual run-ins by which said celebrity may become helplessly in love with the obsessed, sexual acts being practiced by or upon the this celebrity, and the hope that said celebrity is in all actuality attempting to contact the obsessed, but has failed miserably through the years (though the obsessed remains hopeful).

2. Stalking celebrities by means of the internet; notably through Tumblr or Twitter, and a quick Googling won't hurt.
Why is she/he such a Cumberbatcher? She falls in love with a different celebrity every week.

Hold on, I'm nearly done with my daily Cumberbatching. I just need to check the tags on Tumblr.

I'm Cumberbatching for her/him so hard after watching that film they were in.
by Jimothy Longstein March 24, 2014
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