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1.Any woman who has a deep fasination with the wonderful, beautiful, talented English stage and on-screen actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
2. A refernce given to people who admire the beautiful features of Benedict Cumberbatch. ex- his green eyes, beautiful cheekbones, sexy toussled hair.
3. Can be proper ladies, or "dirty. dirty ladies" and everyone in between.
I am a proud Cumberbitch.
Do you know what these ladies are called? Cumberbitches.
by missCumberbatch February 16, 2011
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People who are fans of the actor Benedict Cumberbatch
we are his fans!!, the cumberbitches!!
by ratmojo September 12, 2013
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Someone who doesn't like Benedict Cumberbatch. It's a shame that anyone wouldn't like the amazing actor and the man with a smile to stop hearts. The best course of action when you see one is to, obviously, bring out a knife, stab them 69 times, and leave.
Bill #1 : "Hey Bill, don't you love Butternut Cri- I mean Benedict Cumberpatch?"

Bill #2 : "No Bill, that's hella gay."

Bill :1 : "Well you're a cumberbitch. *stabs Bill 69 nine times in the stomach*
by helloyesamgoodboy August 03, 2018
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