When a girl uploads an attractive or sexually orientated photograph of herself. A male will then print the photograph, masturbate to it and then cum onto it. They will then take a photo of the end result and send it to the girl. It is growing in popularity with young couples, as it shows the males appreciation of his partner.
"She wanted me to cum tribute her photo"
by vickymac January 14, 2014
A masturbation session where u cum devoted to a person u would like to have hot sex with, or have a crush on.
Karl: I made a cum tribute to Tiffani
by definition_composition123 January 4, 2016
A peculiar sexual fetish known primarily among the Web 2.0 generation of perverts. Exhibitionist male self-photographers ejaculate onto pictures, or sometimes onto other objects, which directly reference (e.g. depict, name, imply) another web user, often a concomitant voyeur of either sex.
Please cum tribute my pic! You have a fat cock!
by Cidney January 5, 2008
On January 6th, people who are fans of puro or are a furry must cum to puro with absolutely no exceptions what so ever.
furry: sorry i cant make it to the party. today is Puro Cum Tribute Day

friend: what the literal fuck is wrong with you
by justin from fortnite January 2, 2021
A derivative of a cum tribute for, but not limited to, the humiliation of making a second party feel sexually inept at cumming on a picture.
Cum Cuck Tribute: “Please do a cum tribute on my waifu, but make fun of my tiny penis while during.”
by FemFoxy February 28, 2021