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The effect of getting full on jizz; swallowing after so many blow jobs you look pregnant. Coined by the great Tweeter, msloulou
She's sucked so much cock it looks like she has a cum baby
by Eliza Dooks May 04, 2011
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a condom that is filled with a large amount of seamen that is sealed with a knot tied at the end.
I found a cum baby in between the couch cushions at the hotel i was staying.
by gravy robber September 27, 2009
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The screaming regressive liberals so white they look like they just fell out their daddies cocks

Standard traits:
- White guilt a mile thick

- Likes to scream about oppression, racism, and occasionally the patriarchy
- Tends to show up at protests and assault anyone who disagrees with them
- Believes "whiteness" is a state of mind, not a skin color

- Acts as though aforementioned whiteness is a communicable disease

Singular: cumbaby
The free speech protest was overrun by a counterprotest of cumbabies screaming at us that we didn't deserve rights because we're white.

The "you're fucking a white male!!" guy is such a cumbaby.
by ShoutMeetVoid July 22, 2018
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