The effect of getting full on jizz; swallowing after so many blow jobs you look pregnant. Coined by the great Tweeter, msloulou
She's sucked so much cock it looks like she has a cum baby
by Eliza Dooks May 4, 2011
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a condom that is filled with a large amount of seamen that is sealed with a knot tied at the end.
I found a cum baby in between the couch cushions at the hotel i was staying.
by gravy robber September 27, 2009
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a girl who is obsessed with cum
dan: omg becky is suck a cum baby she wants me to cum in her mouth every night

alex: damn she is just like sarah
by udhelp June 17, 2019
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A couple, preferably gay, will cum into a bucket until its 2/3 full. Then, either flour or corn starch will be poured and mixed into the cum until it becomes a dough. Next, the dough will be formed into the shape of a baby. Then, the couple will eat the baby.
person A: dude me and Person C made us a cum baby last night
person B: what the fuck
by chucklesandwich October 21, 2019
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Instead of calling someone autistic you call them this implying since pre cum is considered dead they are also brain dead
by Sugmanuts January 1, 2019
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An extremely loose female involved in an unprotected gang bang sires twins from different stallions.
Those twins are Cum-Dumpster Babies and I heard the dads are brothers.
by Jefe’ Burns August 6, 2021
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an attractive person, who upon closer inspection, is obviously under age.
"naw, that's baby cum, man"
by Peter Moran August 27, 2006
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