Someone who runs a large group following with the intention to gain monetary advantage and brain wash followers to blindly accept that their views is the only right one and anyone who opposes is evil and must be banished.
“Did you hear shamy is a cult leader?”
by Keyboardkaren November 16, 2019
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Leader of a cult
Some Nowadays, speak in quotes and try to inspire people to join their cult. They sometimes switch languages.
by FATEYEBROWS June 11, 2018
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Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell) is a British YouTuber and BBC1 radio host. He often makes videos with fellow YouTuber, radio host companion and flatmate Amazing Phil (Phil Lester). Dan's fans, often known as "Danosaurs", are his loyal followers, he is their internet cult leader. The ship name of Phil and Dan is "Phan" so the fans of Dan and Phil often refer to themselves as "The Phandom" or "Phamily".
Non- Phandom weirdo : "Who is Dan?"
Phandom weirdo: "Dan is our internet cult leader."
by WhiskersWithin June 17, 2013
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A small man that dresses like a magician and brainwashes children with hypnotic music.
All hail Cult Leader Raphael!!!
by not.adelia March 28, 2016
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