4 definitions by not.adelia

Something that is such a mess, it’s almost impressive. Something so batshit crazy that it’s beautiful.
“Man, the internet is full of messterpieces these days
by not.adelia August 7, 2018
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An empty boi with a heart of gold. Also known as Snugglebear and Keemer. He is a very talented singer, but is also extremely awkward. He has no soul and makes adequate jokes.
Oh god, there’s Kellmer. HIDE!
by not.adelia July 20, 2018
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An aardvark that enjoys large servings of lard
wow, now that's a lardvark
by not.adelia January 13, 2017
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A small man that dresses like a magician and brainwashes children with hypnotic music.
All hail Cult Leader Raphael!!!
by not.adelia March 28, 2016
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