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Pronounced: Cube-in

The opposite of Ballin.

1. Living in scarcity/poverty.
2. Being in possession of objects that are of sub-standard quality.
Person 1: Have you seen Bob lately?
Person 2: Yeah I hear he works in McDonald's now.
Person 1: Damn he's totally cubin.

Person 1: Man I'm low on cash, I don't think I should order this $100 steak.
Person 2: Quit being a cube.
by The Tony D July 21, 2016
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Pre-anal penetration preparation; one must numb the anus with Ice Cubes by inserting several into the rectum and letting them melt slowly... easing the pain.
Heather's in the bedroom Cubin' up so i can slip this cucumber in her ass.
by the danimal kingdom December 17, 2010
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The Cubin, is an esspresso shot with an ice cube dropped in, for cooling purposes, this way the drinker can "shoot" the espresso shot without burning his/her mouth. There are flavored varieties of the Cubin, using flavored syrup. Reportedly flavored ice crubes have been used in substitue of flavored syrup. The Cubin was created on May 4th 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee by photographer David Swanson.
STANDARD CUBIN, One Ice Cube, One Espresso-
DOUBLE CUBIN, Two Ice Cube, Two Espresso-
WHITE CUBIN, One Ice Cube, One Espresso, 1/2 Teaspoon of Vanilla Syrup-
BLACK CUBIN, One Chocolate Cube, One Espresso
by Terry Torsio May 05, 2007
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