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Those who share your work cubicle or cube. Derived from homie.
Don't mess with my cubies, man.
by jonmc January 27, 2006
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People sharing the same cubicle as you at work. May or may not be close friends or know much about you, but as a direct consequence of sitting close to you for over 8 hours everyday they possess the ability to look into your soul and know what you are thinking. Sometimes they might end up being work buddies with you in which case you're bros and the person is your best confidante at least at your workplace.

Also the people you share all your food, office jokes, measure up babes at work and updates on office politics with.
Cubie 1: Bro, where are you moving with all your stuff.
Cubie 2: Shifting projects man, gotto move next to Jenny's cubicle.
Cubie 1: Lucky sonofabitch. Who's replacing you.
Cubie 2: Jake. Sorry man.
Cubie 1: Fucking Jake.
by Outer space chocolate man December 26, 2014
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A girl who is below a 4 on a scale of 1~10, but has a kick ass personality that more than makes up for her physical looks.

Kind of like a Gamecube. It looked like shit, but actually had some pretty good games.
Max: Hey, Sora, how did your blind date go?
Sora: Well, she wasn't very good looking, but damn she had a great personality; She was a total Cubie.
by Sodahappy March 31, 2013
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He is the Creator, the basis of all life. A :shen: that will be with all of GenMay forever.
Worship Cubie.
by Napsterhaven June 21, 2004
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A person you share a cubicle with. You do not necessarily like the person, but since you are so close to them they are a cubie.

Lay off my cubie man, he is having a bad day”.
by TSC SAFE April 30, 2008
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n. a short fat cock, not unlike a chode. however a cubie is the exact same width as lenght. a cubie is often little more than a knob-end.
to his embarasment, jeniffer had told all her friends that melvin was only packing a cubie.
by mikey-mike October 04, 2005
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