A safe for work term used when referring to your penis!
Hey guess what..I gave my wife that cuban cigar she was asking for yesterday! And she didn't wanna take it outta her mouth!

Or * man pat you look happy today?
Pat: yeah man gave my wife took her cuban cigar this morning and thorough enjoyed it*
by Hom2436 January 22, 2018
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1. the finest of cigars produced in the land of Fidel Castro.

2. the sexually perverse act of placing plastic wrap over a person's open mouth and proceeding to defecate into the plastic wrap. The poop slides into the person's mouth with the aid of the plastic and provides a satisfying cigar like treat at 98.6 degrees.
On a cold winter night after a fine meal of red beans and rice and a cup of Joe, Mary often asks John to light up the fire place and treat her to a Cuban cigar for desert.
by Buzzby May 15, 2005
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When you take a nice stinky poo in someone's pillowcase, then proceed to swing it around and hit them in the face with it.
"Dude, G-Reg totally just slammed Jerzey in the face with a cuban cigar!"
"Haha man, that sucks for Jerzey."
by G.Reg March 21, 2006
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A sex position in which one person wraps another person up in a carpet and lights the carpet on fire.
Harold: Hey, you wanna do the cuban cigar?

Tara: Never heard of it.

Harold: Oh it's so sexy. I wrap you up in a carpet and light you on fire

by chekouthatredbul September 21, 2008
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When a male lights his pubic hiar on fire and a male/female proceeds to suck his burning pube cock.
by Daddy Nelso Gonzalez January 06, 2009
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The act of having anal sex, then having the reciver shit while reciving the anal sex. When you take your penis out, it should be brown and resemble a cigar. Then you make the reciver give you head and clean the shit off your penis. Its almost like there smoking a cigar, of the Cuban variety, because there cheap and taste like shit.
Jimmy just gave his girlfriend a nice ol' cuban cigar.
by ol' cuban cigar March 03, 2011
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