When someone or something looks Crusty/as in bad or like they got runned over by a car . They look like a mess , Dusty as in Dirty or like they look bad.
Dyane you look crusty dusty ,”
by Weirdo127 November 12, 2019
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adj. A living organism that smells of poo and rotten sewer water. The smell is so foul that you can catch a sickness from it.
P1) "What is that repulsive foul smell?"

P2) "Oh, that is just a crusty dusty anus!"
by rosieposiepoo August 18, 2014
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A word that describes a noun that it gross, or out of style.
Jessica: did you see Amanda today? Ew.
Madison: yea her outfit is crusty dusty .
by Allybugjr April 23, 2017
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A cum sock that has been left for a while. good snack for hoes your roomie brings home.
Jack brought back a stripper and took her to my room. gave him a crusty dusty for breakfast.
by Efilon April 9, 2019
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This girl is crusty and dusty with brown hair. She is very thicc. She also wants ur help to be featured.
Crusty dusty is here.
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An unknown dry, white substance on the bottom of your bed in the hotel room you’re staying at.
Makinzie: What is that on the bottom of the bed?
Bailey: Oh, that’s a crusty dusty.
by Jesslyn B June 16, 2018
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When a woman doesn't bath for a long amount of time and the out sides of her pussy is crusty from weird liquids!
martha didnt bath for a week and she had a crusty dusty
by killtact November 9, 2009
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