A mong like creature that does disgusting and stupid things.
"Oh you fucking Crungus, you've only gone and done it again."
by Jimmyfagoid December 15, 2018
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A mysterious horror monster-demon spawn from the depths of the image generator dall-e mini/craiyon.
The Crungus is always watching.
Have you ever heard of a Crungus.
They caught a Crungus.
by Thewankychef June 25, 2022
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The crud and fungus that collects under extremely long fingernails left unmanicured for an extended period of time.
The crungus that collected under her 6" fingernails was enough to pot a plant.
by Urban Junkie October 19, 2007
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The crud and sweat mixture that formulates In the butt crack when you do not wipe good enough. When people have booty crungus you can smell a sweaty cheese that is very dank when the wind blows towards you. The slang phase originated out of duval county, Jacksonville FL
Billy “ Look there is Kodak black
Tony “yeah it smells like he’s got booty crungus”
by Murdoctor January 31, 2018
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Exclamation of surprise, shock, anger, annoyance, imminent nuclear war, or hunger.
by crungusbungus September 26, 2018
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Instant reciprocation of $1,000,000.
"Ayy beebee you wanna scrunch my crungus?"
"Why yes, I would love to become a millionaire!"
by crungo December 20, 2015
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That stupid looking tumor coming out of the side of a big orange. It usually indicates a healthy and juicy orange.

Sumo Citrus oranges are among the most common examples of oranges with crunguses.
"I hate the way the crungus on my orange looks. But it's a good sign."
by AzureAzel September 17, 2019
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