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Either incredible feminine horniness, or incredibly painful V.D. related symptom.
When I heavy petter her vag through her jeans, I started a crotchfire.
by Matthew January 20, 2004
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When your husband buys you cheap-ass razors and shaving cream even though you have a bad skin reaction to shaving cream; in an attempt to save money by not purchasing his wife's expensive razors that have the shaving gel built in. Thus, resulting in his wife's crotch itching like crazy and having a burning sensation.
I have some serious crotch fire from the shaving cream my cheap-ass husband bought.
by 12thWoman February 29, 2012
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a person that had extremely annoyed the people around them by being an empowering slut;literally means that the person has fire in their crotch, the person must keep fucking people to manage their fire in the crotch area.
Crotchfires in general are highly dangerous.
by the goddess of venus November 17, 2008
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