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Crossings Christian School

Crossings Christian School is a private school in Oklahoma that developes children into Christ-centered servant leaders. It is a great college-prep school preparing your child or teen for college. It has a great sports program including Football, Soccer, Cheer, Baseball, Wrestling, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Softball, Tennis, Debate and many more! It is one of the most educated schools in the state. It has family-friendly interfaces. It offers many fine arts classes, including band, orchestra, vocals, drama, and debate. Crossings has a community church on campus and has K-12th grade. It will teach your kid the values of God and to be centered to God. Your child will love Crossings.
Crossings Christian School
That kid is such a follower of God, where does he go to school?
Oh, he goes to Crossings.
That explains it.
by SGT Stryker M4 January 05, 2019
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A private nondenominational Christian PS-12th grade school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States of America. The school's mascot is the Knight. Not to be confused with Community Christian School in Norman, Oklahoma as both of their initials are CCS. Students come from areas such as NW OKC, Edmond, Piedmont, Cashion, Yukon, etc. If the initials CCS are said in these such areas, people may think of Crossings, depending on who. It's a young school that was founded a few years ago and yet there are practically over 800 students in the whole school. The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) has Crossings as a member school. There are two buildings: the Lower School for the PS-4th grades, and the Upper School for 7th-12th. The 5th and 6th grades are at the school's ministry arm, Crossings Community Church. There will be a Middle School building that will begin construction soon. The athletic complex, still under construction, has a turf football field which is able to host home games. Besides football, there are some other sports options. There is also yearbook, student council (stu-co), orchestra, drama and choir, as well as speech/debate and academic teams. What keeps this school going and growing is God's Promises and Will for it. The staff and students are worth coming here. Plus; the school's spirit is lively and well, even if we win or lose. CCS is definitely "the place" right now.
Person: What school do you go to?
Me: Crossings Christian School
Person: Where is that?
Me: OKC, in the same complex where Crossings Community Church is. They are practically next to each other. The church is it's ministry arm.
Person: Nice.
by Kidren October 14, 2013
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Crossings is a school for the self-righteous assholes to send their kids to bring them “closer to god”, but in reality the kids just build a mob mentality to vilify any kid that they see as “different”. The kids there receive a minimal education that one could have at public school and they become prejudiced against anyone that isn’t in a middle class white family that goes to church every sunday. The teachers preach homophobic and racist bias to instill a “godly” mindset. In reality, Crossings people are from families that aren’t wealthy enough to go to Casady or Heritage so they try to make up for lack of wealth by pretending to be religious. Crossings is full of assholes that don’t know anything about religion, but they are taught to be biased against every minority in society. Fuck Crossings
Crossings is a cult of prejudiced cuntbags that act self-righteous to make up for their lack of financial success.
That kid driving a shitty pickup truck wearing fake Gucci slides must go to Crossings Christian School
by Beeph69 May 20, 2019
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