When a person normally drinks alcohol, then tries drinking alcohol and takes weed gummies.
Went to the bar last night and Steve showed up with gummies, I got totally cross threaded.
by D addy September 13, 2021
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When you are taking a crap, and it takes you a long time, and it feels as if a boulder is being squeezed from your ass. It hurts and feels like it's coming out sideways.
You go back to your desk and someone says "dude you were in there a long time", you respond by saying "dude, i had one cross threaded"
by Jamhole September 29, 2005
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Once just generally meaning confused thoughts but now used to mean when two or more people are talking in an internet chatroom and get two different subjects confused together.
WiL> Have you got it yet?
Tony> I got summat well kewl other day!
WiL> Oh?
Tony> Ill look, BRB...
WiL> Sent it ages ago!
Tony> Its well kewl, a mate sent it 2 me! :D
WiL> He did!? Hang on, weve got Crossed Threads, mate, R U on about the mail I sent U or this other thing?
by ..WiL May 18, 2005
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When your gal is menstrating and you tie a tampon on your dong and screw her.
My girl was on the rag but she was lookin so hot so I didn’t care, I cross threaded her
by Crossthread August 4, 2023
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