A long-distance runner that competes in Cross country and usually track and field long / middle distance events. Almost always very handsome and tan and ripped. Adversaries will be most displeased as runners often times will steal said adversaries ladyfriend(s).
Baseball/Football Player 1: Dude, that guy running there is such a homosexual, look at his obnoxiously short shorts.

Baseball/Football Player 2: Bro I know right, look at how ripped and tan his upper thighs are, hahaha what a homosexual.

Baseball/Football Player 1: Yeah, i'll stick to wearing my boardshorts and this baseball cap, what a queer he is!

Cross Country Runner: I boned both of your girls...at the same time, peace!

Baseball/Football Player 1+2: That doesn't matter he is still such a homosexual, yeah!!! *HIGH FIVE!*
by Anextremebadass June 19, 2011
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A bunch of idiots who think it is fun to run far distances, in all kinds of weather and terrain, all in short shorts.
"Look at those stupid cross country runners running on the sidewalk!"
by Walrus500 April 19, 2010
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