1 definition by Anextremebadass

A long-distance runner that competes in Cross country and usually track and field long / middle distance events. Almost always very handsome and tan and ripped. Adversaries will be most displeased as runners often times will steal said adversaries ladyfriend(s).
Baseball/Football Player 1: Dude, that guy running there is such a homosexual, look at his obnoxiously short shorts.

Baseball/Football Player 2: Bro I know right, look at how ripped and tan his upper thighs are, hahaha what a homosexual.

Baseball/Football Player 1: Yeah, i'll stick to wearing my boardshorts and this baseball cap, what a queer he is!

Cross Country Runner: I boned both of your girls...at the same time, peace!

Baseball/Football Player 1+2: That doesn't matter he is still such a homosexual, yeah!!! *HIGH FIVE!*
by Anextremebadass June 19, 2011