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When a friend Cock Blocks you by Crop Dusting the area where you are talking to a girls at the bar.
"Damn it. I can't believe he Crop Blocked me last night."
"What do you mean?"
"He kept farting and Crop Dusting the whole bar last night and that made the girl I was talking to leave."
"That Sucks"
"Yeah what an asshole, I had that chick in the bag until I got crop blocked."

My married friends find it humorous to eat Chipotle prior to going out for the sole reason of Crop Blocking me while talking to girls at the bar.
by Wan-Stamos January 13, 2011
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When a farmer blocks another farmer from harvesting or planting his/her crops on Farmville. This is usually used when a farmer's crops are about to wither.
Farmer 1: "Yo I planted some pumpkins about 11 hours ago and i need to harvest real quick"
Farmer 2:"Sorry man I'm actually harvesting and planting right now."
Farmer 1: "You're the biggest crop block ever. I'm never sending you free gifts."
by BBBBBBRIAN November 02, 2009
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