10 definitions by iluvlesbians

the sound ya dick makes when u cum usaly after sex unles u wank
uh yer harder scwt dat was some good sex
by iluvlesbians January 21, 2005
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some good shit aaaaaaaaH !!!!!!!!!!!!
ah da cronic

dat was da best cronic
by iluvlesbians January 11, 2005
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da best rapper eva ahhhhh da cronic 2 a really cool person who takes drugs
yo hay c dat guy over der hes a dre ahhhhhh da cronic
by iluvlesbians January 17, 2005
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stupid fucked up peeps who cant do shit
oh look over der its dat gay is a daceyvilion
by iluvlesbians January 19, 2005
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deep in a girls pussey or ass hole usally used when havin anal sex
yer bitch iam popolo in ya hloe now
by iluvlesbians January 21, 2005
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