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When someone stops or prevents another person from buying or wearing crocs shoes.
"Man, I really wanted those crocs shoes, but Bill got in my way. He is such a croc block."
by juliman November 05, 2012
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When you go out in a group and one of your friends wears crocs, thereby preventing anyone in the group from getting tail.
"Omg, I can't believe you let her go out in those tonight. Total Croc block."
by Srizie January 25, 2009
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When a male is assumed to be a homosexual due to the presence of crocs on ones feet.
i asked her if she wanted to go have sex. she replied with a gang of laughter and the words ' croc block ' and asked me if i wanted to go shopping instead.
by Joel dontfuckwiththebuck October 27, 2010
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