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"Sunny, ah, ah, ah
ich weiß schon Du heißt Easy
aber ist mir egal,
ich nenn dich lieber
Sunny, ah, ah, ah
ab jetzt wird alles Easy
denn du bist nicht mehr da

"Easy" by Cro
by yubitsume May 09, 2013
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a derogatory term directed at women or men.

It is formed from the words crazy and hoes.
by cocoafemme February 05, 2012
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C-ro is slang for the chevrolet camaro

Commonly used in Buffalo, New York...

"wea burn you wit da c-ro"
by ps3fanboys February 05, 2006
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An attempt to make Croydon sound vaguely cool by using a bastardisation of the postcode for central Croydon (CR0), which just sounds exceptionally contrived and, frankly, stupid. Especially as the pub with the same name has been closed since mid 2003, having run out of potential new owners.

It does confuse people making online bookings, though, since they hab itually use an "O" rather than a "0" when filling out the form, and it won't go through.

Usually put about by the writers for local fanzine Wired, which is as depressinmg and unjournalistic as you can imagine.
"Well, if Compton is CPT, I guess we'll be CRO."
"Dosn't that sound contrived and wanky?"
"No - it sounds cool and well 'ard..."
by OD Smith May 20, 2005
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to β€˜stick to’ someone like Velcro; always with the same people all the time
Amy is such a cro, she never leaves my side
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
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