It means bro, but the ‘c’ is in place of the ‘b’ to represent crip. It’s the crip version of how blood’s say ‘blood bros’. It originated in Canada and is now commonly said there and in the UK. Most of the time people use it they are just referring to a friend and nothing Crip related. ‘Crodie’ is another way of saying it, and ‘cronem’ means a group of cros.
“I called my cros from Weston to see if they had the work
by TopMali89 April 29, 2020
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A word that means marijuana/weed. Used mainly as slang in the Uk.
“Yo have u got some cro g”
“How much is ur cro then”
“Yeh he’s got some bare dank cro, shits sticky as fuckkk
by Ricky420blazeit August 8, 2018
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Your bro but u replace the B with a C if u a crip
by dwboutmee April 7, 2019
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Bloods say “bro”
Crips say “ cro

Both mean brother
Wassup lil cro

Where did my cro go?
by YouTube@nolevel May 6, 2020
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"Sunny, ah, ah, ah
ich weiß schon Du heißt Easy
aber ist mir egal,
ich nenn dich lieber
Sunny, ah, ah, ah
ab jetzt wird alles Easy
denn du bist nicht mehr da

"Easy" by Cro
by yubitsume May 9, 2013
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That hot girl is Cro.
by Drazen April 29, 2004
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A wise but quiet person. Who respects those who respect him(her). Always has a friends back. A very trues worthy person. Who love to drink and take drugs.
lad/fitbird: I can't get in to the pub. cro cro: ill stay with you and well go some where else. lad/fitbird: sound but your still a drunk
by kingslick December 23, 2013
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