A term disabled people use to reclaim their power and show their disability pride.
We need to #cripthevote and have our voices heard by policymakers.
by disabledandproud April 07, 2019
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"Community Restoration in Progress" others variants "Community Revolution in Progress" also known as "Slob Killers" The most well known chapters are the Rollin' 40's and also 90 Posse. There are several other chapters but these gained the most recognition in the mid to late 80's. Originally started to help the community this gang soon turned to easy money made from drug sales and violence.
I have been a Crip since the age of 13.
I represent my click with a degree in science and continuing to my masters.
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A group started by raymond washington to emulate the black panthers it initially stood for community revolutionary inner party system. Before it became a gang that was set to protect the african american community from the government and know ironiclly kills alot of those the wanted to protect.
guy 1: The crips always been a hardcore gang.
guy 2: nah dumbass they started off as a revolutionary group but settled for committing crimes
by gxninja May 10, 2008
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Kill a Blood win a prize,Kill a Crip ur whole family diez Let it rain, let it flood,Let a Crip kill a Blood Let it rain, let it drip,After we're done watch the slobs claim Crips Peace 2oO the Crips death to the dread,Lay Blu rose pedals across my death bed Let it rain, let it flood,Let a Crip kill a Blood , Ashes 2oO ashes Dust 2oO dust,In Crips we trust N on slobs we bust When I die show no pity bury me up in Crip city,Lay 6 blu flags across my chest Let me die and ley to rest and,Tell all fellow Crips I did my best....
by HannAh December 30, 2004
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The crips are one of the most notable black gangs in america, founded in 1969 by Raymond C.Washington and co founded by Stanly Tookie Williams. The crips are truely only based in LA but many imatator sets with the "crip name" have spawned outside LA and throughout the U.S., it is not a multiracial gang, whites claiming crips are fake as crips were started on the black panther movement and the co founder tookie williams who notably hated whites. Thier colors are blue

Alot of stupid white kids and other multi racial kids in suburbia type places pretend to be crips but are seen as fakes by real ones. they deal in drugs, robbery.Also LA crips consider those that claim crips out of LA as "dickriders" such as nyc crips that claim an LA gang in new york.

Some crips sets in LA ones such as the eastcoast crips have feuded with the unique cripset the grapestreet crips based out of watts who notably wear purple are called "fakestreet" by some cripsets and crip on crip violence has escalated in south central area.

They are of course notorious with thier long time feud with the bloods, crips are also noted feuding with mexican gangs as well.
waz up cuz slang for what crips call eachother
by knowledgeman8901 September 30, 2009
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A gang member of the notorious inner city street gang. Thier colors are blue and are originally from Los Angeles.
*news reporter*: "there have been a deadly drive-by commited by the Southside compton crips".
by Crazy Mo May 29, 2003
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A street gang originating in the Los Angeles area. "Crip" is actually shorthand for "Cripple." Many Crip members are crippled in the head and lack rudimentary knowledge such as speech and have a limited level of learning intelligence. It often takes 10 crips to complete the task of 1 non-crip. In an effort to seperate themselves from the rest of the world, they carry blue rags which they do often tie around their assholes.
Crip: " Yo yo yo, gimmie yo wallet biznatch!! I be in da Crips andju betta recognize!"

Non-Crip: "Um....no. Mebbe if you had ten of your "homies" I might be intimidated...but piss off before I kick your balls in AND send you to jail.

Crip: "Dam, that jonks is fuuud uuup!"
by MistaDobalina May 02, 2006
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