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The constant and usually spontaneous twitching and slight circular motion of the toes when love is felt.
Bob: Dude! You're cringling your toes wrong!
Ben: Then how do you do it??

Bob: You gotta make sure you twitch your toes in a slight circular motion! *demonstrates* See? NOW you're doing the cringle!

Ben: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. *obnoxious laughter*
by TheWhippersnapperss April 04, 2010
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The CRINGLE is when the man finishes his load on a womans chin ear to ear much like the beard of Chris Cringle (Santa) it is a seasonal finishing move.
After all that make up sex I gave that bitch a cringle! and promised a pearl necklace next time.
by Dave December 16, 2004
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Someone who lives in putnam county,FL or is absolutely retarded and extremely poor ex:the cacti from mario brothers series or any crackheads,hobo's,fuktards
Ol blackie,the cringle, tryed to jack my shit so I busted a cap.
by Zac January 17, 2004
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To squish something until you can smell the scent of it .
usually with citrus fruits :lemons , limes , oranges
Person 1 : Look ! theres lemon on the floor .
Person 2: REALLY ?
Person 1 ; HELL YEAH ! , should I cringle it ?
Person 2 : yea cringle the shit outta tht thing .
by LAGraham August 03, 2010
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An overwhelming feeling that washes over you when you see something or someone so adorable that you want to squeeze the cuteness out of them so much, that you might cause injury in doing so.

Cringles can also be used in a more general sense, when one is completely overwhelmed by something adorable or cute. In this case, they can get a case of the cringles.

History of the word:

I wrote an article about words that should be added to the dictionary, including ”cringles”.

Description of cringles in article:

“This word is perfect for when you find yourself in a situation with the cutest little baby bunny, kitten or other excessively tiny and cute creature that you can imagine. You may find yourself wanting to squeeze this adorable creature as tightly as you possibly can, but know that if you do, that you would squish it to death. And that is most definitely not what anyone would want to do.

This term can also be used when describing beloved people (especially ones mate or children) who are being exceptionally charming and delectable.

I use this word in sentences, such as, “Oh my God, that baby bunny is so cute, it is giving me the cringles!” Or, “I love you so much and that amazingly loving card you gave me is making me get the cringles for you.”

I can’t think of another word in the English language that adequately describes this feeling. Other people who I have known for any amount of time have adopted this word into their vocabulary as well.”

By, Laura Kutney
That baby bunny is so cute, it is giving me cringles!

Get that puppy away from me, because I might not be able to resist this overwhelming feeling of cringles that is washing over me!

Every time I shop for my newborn niece, I get a case of the cringles from the thought of how adorable she will look in all of these itty-bitty, irresistibly cute pajamas.
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by Answer me this May 19, 2018
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