The act of pinching one's penis to the point of no return. The victim will no longer be able to walk, masturbate, ejaculate, become erect, or perform any sexual actions.
Kai gave a real bad Crimp Crimp to Will in the locker room. He was crying in pain for hours!
by ld0301 July 02, 2021
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A form of scat singing usually performed as a duo. First invented and developed by Vince Noir and Howard Moon. Often Characterized by lines of interconnecting verse usually referencing abstract imagery, concepts and characters.
He is crimping on stage right now.
At tea she showed everyone how well she could crimp.

The Soup Song

Soup, soup,
A tasty, soup, super spicy,
Carrot and coriander,
Chilli chowder,
Crouton, crouton, crunchy friends in a liquid broth,
I am gazpacho, oh,
I am a summer soup, mmm,
Miso, Miso, fighting in the dojo, Miso, Miso,
Oriental prince in the land of soup!
by Dan Harding December 02, 2007
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is a song sung between two or more people (though very difficult with more than two people), which unlike a duet is completely unpractices and is made up on the spot, with two minds so completely in sync they work as one, practiced by Noel Fieldings and Julian Barratt the mighty Boosh on BBC3
the pancake crimp
eggs, milk and flour, pancake power,
look at his milky yellow sunshine face
flip it now flip it good oo
flip it now flip it good oo
some are salt
some are sweet
some are fruit
some are meat

the time we used the chive
it really came alive!
edbile frisbies
springtime tuesday

by Tuesdays Gone December 15, 2007
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Crimping refers to a fictional type of song which usually contains no particular musical element but is instead sung acapella, does not follow any single tune and contains surreal lyrics that often make little sense. Other common characteristics of crimping are unusual subject matter such as soup or jackets, repetition of vocal lines and dance gestures to accompany the songs. The style is reminiscent of scat singing.

Crimping originated in the British BBC Three series The Mighty Boosh where the two main characters, Howard Moon (Julian Barratt) and Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) sing a song with each other, often for nostalgic purposes. The most obvious of these is "The Soup Song", with "Calm A Llama Down" and "Jean-Claude Jaquettie" also being prominent examples.

These small tunes were not known as crimping until the third episode of the third series, "The Power of the Crimp", in which the main characters stage a "crimp-off" against their doppelgänger rivals, The Flighty Zeus. The match culminates in a four-way crimp to which both Bollo and Naboo contribute.
The best example of crimping is the famous Four Way Crimp:


Crimpity crimpity now now,
Crimpity crimpity ask me how
Crimpity crimpity humble pie
Crimpity crimpity
Boing ding bong bong ting
Crimpity crimpity ping pong

Sugar man light source why did you come for me,
he put me in a coma
Woke up in the future
Robot man can't you help me find my way!
I can't understand the things you say.
Chew mouse I love you so,
I took you from the underground and brought you home.
I put you in my jacket pocket
took you to the meeting
I put you in my jacket pocket
took you to the meeting
Put you in my jacket pocket
Put you in my jacket pocket
Put you in my jacket
Put you in my jacket
Jean claude jaquette
with his jacket on
with his jacket off
Jacket on
Jacket off
Jacket on
Jacket off
Oh oh oh I did a twisty
Oh oh oh a tiny twisty
Crimpity crimpity now now
Crimpity crimpity ask me how
Crimpity crimpity you will pay
Crimpity crimpity out my way
Boing ding bong bong ting
Crimpity crimpity fuck you!"
by Jos Banham December 03, 2007
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The act of making up a random song on the spot and yet being completely in sync with another person or persons.
Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt from The Mighty Boosh are the masters of crimp!
by Alex7 February 28, 2008
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When you pleasure your partner with a frozen pasty, usually knob end first unless your from Devon. Works best with a medium steak, unless a total slag then a large steak will be needed.
"ere robbo, had Sandra round last night did a rate bit of crimping she gushed everywhere"
by Jaxboooo October 12, 2019
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