Colloquial name for Wyandotte County, Kansas. The high crime and murder rates make the county one of the most dangerous place to live in the United States and also gives justification to the term. Despite what J. Rebar reports, he did not coin the term. It dates back further than the 1960's. Wyandotte is mostly urban with a small rural community on the outlying western borders.
Crimedotte was not made up by J. Rebar.
by DPZ77 May 2, 2016
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Crimedotte is a nick name I came up with for Wyandotte County in Killa City Kansas, because when shirts are made that say Stop the silence and violence you already know nobody plays games out here
Mothafuckas dont play out here in Crimedotte
by J. Rebar August 9, 2006
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Nick name for "Wyandotte" County, home to Kansas City, Kansas... The other side of the state border to the still larger Kansas City, Missouri. Within this primarily urban county, there is enough poverty to create so-called crime epidemic. Neighborhoods such as the Black civil war refuge neighborhood "Quindaro", which is one of the poorest in the country, and the mainly Hispanic area of Central Ave. (To name a few), are riddled with a high crime rate... Therefore giving context to the obvious mash up of the two words "Crime", and "Wyandotte".
If u cross dat bridge when u downtown KCMO, an u wind up in Crimedotte, you Betta not make no mo' wrong turns, else u jus' might not be gettin' home tanite! Flip a Ue, an get back to ya plush loft, quick, nigga!
by 18thAndCentral August 31, 2018
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We were sayin' Crimedotte County at Central Jr. High back in 1970. So, it's been around for a while.....
Wyandotte County = Crimedotte County because it's a better description of the prevalent situation
by Glenn Patrik September 21, 2007
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