A relativly small, Kansas City, Kansas Neighborhood. Clarance Hightower says of the "Q": "the child poverty rate is an astonishing 62 percent. This is higher than 96 percent of all other neighborhoods in the United States.
Likewise, the annual median income is lower than 86 percent of American neighborhoods, and the real estate vacancy rate is approaching 30 percent, which is higher than 94 percent of other U.S. Census tracts."
Needless to say this exclusively Black neighborhood is very poor, dangerous, and holds many drugs, and other things typical to such areas in America. Though, the Q is anything but "typical"... It is quite historical in it's connection to the civil war per John Brown, and the Underground Railroad. Nobody can go there on just a visit, because it's hostile to outsiders. There is a Civil War museum not far from the street actually named "Quindaro", that's still within the old Q township, which may be visitable... Yet, please use due caution, and respect to the culture around you, and don't go unless you are really interested in this history.
If you go down to Quindaro, and you are white, you will look like Casper, and you better be just as friendly! Or else... "BANG!"
by 18thAndCentral August 31, 2018
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