Someone who is Crazy rich
John: Hey man look at that Crich person over there spending $400 on a iPhone game.
Connor: Yeah I know they SUCK.
by TURTKID March 11, 2013
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One who is an absolute asshole, One who does not work at anything useful, see George Bush, specifically under moron.
Just look at this you Crich, you have made an absolute Bush of this one. Are you sure your not related to the Moron?
by peter January 12, 2005
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Having intercourse with a human corpse while simultaneously consuming it's flesh.
I had a hankering for some criching last night, and I ended up both empty and full!
by pympworth June 28, 2014
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A group of scrawny boys with a gang mentality. These children will ride their bikes everywhere and try to give themselves a name by doing stupid shit like hanging out on school and buisness rooftops, tearing up the soccer fields, messing up peoples trucks, or massacreing cats with fire.
"Did you hear what the crich gang did last night?"
"Dude no one gives a fuck."
by Donald Reagan October 13, 2017
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A group of high school girls who hang out with crich gang and play volleyball and act like hoes
omg did you hear what the crich bitches did this weekend
by gtrawhrtyt October 16, 2017
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Hiphop. Smokes madddd swishers. Owns Fat Wallet Ent. Texas Hiphop. Good weed , bad bitches,travels cities gettin paid. yuh diggggg
Crichy crich is performin in Padre spring break at club chaos
by NeWoRlEaNsMaNiAc February 3, 2010
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A group of kids that had a joke in 8th grade but the fuckass high schoolers took it too far and now they do stupid shit and blame crich gang so they can get away with it
by Barack Trump October 14, 2017
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