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place. Slightly weathered settlement devoid of any big-hamlet pretensions situated in the bouldering belt of Alberta. Locally famous for its Parrot Parade each September and the Alberta Sheep Wranglers Hall of Fame, Cremona seeks to embrace a greater degree of ethnic diversity and has recently twinned with Biggar, Saskatchewan.

Initially settled by Blackfeet indians who were victims of what has been called the European Extinction, Cremona is currently a hotpot of cultural diversity with no tinges of rabid monotheism.

Stone-boat constructionists, root-excavaters, and gravel percolation technicians mingle freely with the artists, artisans and articled accountants of Cremona at the many tables in the cafe.

Ice-hockey amuses the population as does curling, which seems to involve bowling large pieces of granite down a long, frozen, gravel-studded blanket.

Care to visit Cremona this week to get your bogey on and watch a curling rodeo?

Do I! Let me get my binoculars and a can of diet-coke!

Oh I think they have diet-coke in Cremona now!
by gnostic1 September 10, 2011
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