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place. Amusingly named hamlet in Saskatchewan, Canada known as a waystop on the trail to Saskatoon and as the birthplace of four-a-side lassies ice curling. Aboriginal influences were never quite extinguished by the European influx thus Biggar retains a cross-cultural flair that attracts tourists, Scandanavian ethnographers and geneologists.

Grain farming and grain farming remain the primary industries although many music teachers work there, part-time nursing positions abound and the Adult Theatre Group has a steady audience for their original shows and endless Godspell adaptations.

"New York may be large and smelly, but Biggar isn't better!"

No. I don't think that should go up on the sign.

How about "New York is big ... but this is Biggar!"

That's better.
by gnostic1 February 07, 2012
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The name of an idiot usually spotted on the Game Stars forums.
iontkonw' is the slogan of Biggar
by nw909 August 14, 2003
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A person, preferably a guy, who gets aroused by women with facial hair. Biggar's are attracted more so to women that never shave because they believe that you should not distort your body in any way, and should be happy with how you look.
Biggar 1- have you seen the new girl at work?
Biggar 2- Deffiantly, you dont see very many women that are okay with what they naturaly look like.
Biggar 1- Hey man, I say the more hair the better!
Biggar 2- Agreed.
by huxley cladner June 15, 2009
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A place where you can fuck complete stangers and get away with it, you can also talk like a ned and everyone is frightened by you if you do so ...
awryt mate a came tae biggar wae ma crew tae kill cunts wattae like tap us a fag?
erm okay yes here you go infact i'll give you my whole deck !
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