krēn: adj. extremely awesome; incredibly amazing
by Alex&Josh February 3, 2011
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someone or something that does not know the scene.
"dude that dude is super creened up" or
"man that gear your rockin is extra creened up"
"dude i shouldnt have takin that shot, now im hella creened up"
by lodges November 3, 2011
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From the verb "to Creen", it is the act of unloading seminal fluid onto something.
by JM March 19, 2004
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My creen is so sore from eating so much Mexican last night. I had a rough night on the shitter.
by J.Walt August 29, 2008
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The Creen that forms after exercising for a week and not removing your footwear. Stinky.
Man you got some mad ToE-Creen forming dawg.
by Calculat3d January 1, 2021
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a typo from your dumbass co worker LOL
A: Want me to send you a creen shot?
R: I'm scared to know what a creen shot is.
by restey November 1, 2011
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