A number comprised of three digits, determined by a number of imaginary factors known in their entirety by only the corporation that made up the formula, that rules your life and everything in it.
After his identity was stolen, Danny's credit score tanked. He couldn't find an apartment anywhere, couldn't get a loan for a car, and was fired from his job of four years because they felt he was a financial risk to have around. Three little numbers ruined his life.
by Leeroy Jenkems September 18, 2017
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The score that determines how many girls you’ve gotten with, or successful with. Could be a short term fling, or it could be a long term.
Yo bro you really got sloppy toppy in 2 days, your credit score has to be a 95
by BryanMcKay December 17, 2019
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a common term in the American culture.Can buy you a lot of stuff if you have a good one and can make your life miserable if you dont have a good one!
Yo ,that guy has a Cadillac Escalade.He has a good credit score!


That man is poor.He is driving a 94 Jeep.He doesnt have a good credit score!
by TyroneUSA May 13, 2008
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The score relating to the complete joke of a system (social credit) designed by China to get rid of the few personal freedoms the people of China had in the first place. This credit score system is also the reason why famous wrestler John Xina always seems to be eating China's booty cheeks and denying Taiwan exists and not calling Xi Jing Ping the stinky winnie the poo poo that he is.
Person 1, on twitter: in my opin-

Government official:

⚠ -30,000 SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE!!!! ⚠

事件已报告给中共 !!!!!!!

Person 1: okay :(
by Samueliscool223 October 12, 2021
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Credit Score night (noun): A night in which you go to a woman’s house and get NO play. This term is used to accentuate the surplus of small talk like “what’s your credit score”, present in a night you don’t get action.
Will: “I went to Maddie’s house last night”
Evan: “So did you get ur dick wet?”
Will: “Noooo man. It was a Credit score night!”
by GawkityGawk April 15, 2022
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The % amount of orgasms you have given others over the amount of orgasms you've had with a cap of 850.
by pussycreditscore✨ November 24, 2020
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The Glorious system made from the peoples CCP of China who rewards people who make the right decisions. This system is great!
Great work citizen! You have now been rewarded with +135 social credit! Continue to build up your Social Credit Score and you will be rewarded greatly! Glory to the CCP!
by LuxembourgBoy42 June 28, 2022
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