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The result of a sexual act where the man ejaculates inside the anal cavity of another individual who has recently consumed large amounts of corn. Some undigested corn will mix with the semen and thus stick to the man's penis when extracted, creating creamed corn.
Mark: "Dude, I did Melissa in the stink yesterday, but ended up with creamed corn"

John: "Nice! Did she eat it afterwards?"
by Flaskekopp June 27, 2011
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1. Chunky semen, usually a consequence of masturbating at anime.
2. A tasty snack that is often found at your local supermarket.
3. When you add 1+2.
1. Today the doctor took a sample of my creamed corn.
2. Honey, will you please get some creamed corn from WalMart?
3. The answer to this equation is creamed corn.
by THICCsnapper May 30, 2018
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before you ingage in anal sex deposite kernals of corn in to her wrectum then proceed to engage in anal sex. then blow your load up her wrectum. then after sex when she is cleaning out her ass she digs out hte creamed corn.
i met a girl with a corn fetish and she let make creamed corn.
by the law August 27, 2006
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