While a women preforms a deep throat, you jizz, making sure you empty out.
Mary almost gagged when I cream filled her last night.
by ExpertEntrepreneur August 4, 2011
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Ejaculating in the women's vagina and using a wisk to fluff it up like cream then getting your grandad to link it out
"Cream filling is tasty" said grandfather
by Reeceydoodle October 24, 2015
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During Sexual Intercourse, when about to jizz, pull you dick out and jizz in between the girl's boobs.
Guy - oh yeah baby, want the cream filling?
Girl - oh yeah, give it to me nice and creamy!!!
the rest is pretty self explanatory.
by Phuck with a PH January 28, 2009
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A girl which resembles a twinkie cut open on the top. These sluts tend to be sluts who act as if they aren't a slut. If called a slut they will deny it. But at that moment probably has cream filled in her vagina from the guy who she had intercourse with 10 hours before arguing with you. They walk with there legs very close together, trying to hold the cream in from falling down there legs. Most look the same there physical appearances are, blonde hair, big boobs, little asses, and are predominantly caucasian. Most are raised in rich families and attend college. There conversations consist of lots of useless information, and lots and lots of giggles.
Kaygen is a cream filled cunt.

That chic looks like a cream filled cunt.

I could really use a cream filled cunt right now.
by Y09i May 6, 2011
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to release a burst of man juice into the sweet, preferably tight-holed ass, much preferably a woman
"Si! Si! Si! Ohhh, SIIIIII!!!" -Sounds from working up the power to cream-filling the donut, most preferably from the donut holder
by d4mn3d 5old13r April 28, 2006
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A perfectly acceptable adjective to use when you find something is pretty freakin' excellent. It means that the creamy goodness of this current situation, is undeniable awesome.
Nick-"Mike, excellent goal today dude man"
Mike-"YEAH, you saw that? That shit was CREAM FILLED."

Jerk 1-"Dude, you ok? You're like choking down that freakin doughnut."
Jerk 2-(mouth full) "I know, this thing is cream filled....litterally."
by Wiltshire September 21, 2007
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