When performing anal sex without lube and the recipitent's asshole begins to bleed then mixing with the semen in their asshole resembling the filling of a cream egg.
I got cream egged recently, couldn't sit for a week.
by cyph shaves his armpits May 17, 2019
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Taking a poo while masturbating and proceeding to ejaculate on the poo afterwards
β€œHey man I just had a cream egg!”

β€œOh, did it taste good?”

β€œWhat do you mean, why would I eat my cum covered shite!”
by CreamyEgg May 05, 2020
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This is when you are getting a blow job from a black person and you ejaculate in there mouth and slap there cheaks causing the cum explodes out of their mouth like opening a cream egg
by Longshlond dom November 29, 2016
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