ANYTHING other than 'Regular" styles: (ie sodomy, fisting, licking body, hardcore orifice play, coppin under a shallow water moonlit beach,etc)
Sean is such a fan of crazy sex that Melissa never gets tired of the game-EVER!
by Peter Lansal May 8, 2015
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A sexual high, with a crazy encentric twist.

First popularised in Brighton
by 12inchplate May 20, 2009
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when you throw a girl around the room while eating gummy worms. Then you put the gummy worms in her butthole then eat it. After that u smack her across the face and say that was fucking amazing and run out the door.
While me and Bill were having wild crazy sex i got a concussion
by L.A.N February 16, 2009
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A frequent reaction women have, usually newly weds, when women are taken to tropical settings and commit unadulterated sexual acts on the other person. Their sexual appetite is dramatically increased and inhibitions are greatly reduced.
New Husband - "Man, when we were in Aruba for our honeymoon, my wife was a fiend for sex. All she wanted to do was have crazy monkey sex all day long!"
by Joshermon August 31, 2009
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The phrase comes from americans who went to Europe and got laid. It means to: Have amazing sex with one or more European women (who are always willing to have sex).
I had crazy european sex when I went to england last week.
by Craig C February 28, 2005
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1.To be fucked and or pleased unimagineable beyond ones own belief, every position and maybe a few one has never heard of..
2. To have intercourse (of many persuasions) for hours
Bff: "So how did the booty call go?"
Sexed: "OMG, Bitch I was sexed crazy!!??"
by Da_Bustii_0n387 December 28, 2011
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abbreviation - cms.
by jiminesh hoeplease. May 3, 2009
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