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Crappy traffic. Term coined by Point 94.1 Little Rock traffic man Roger Martin.
Watch out for afternoon Crappic.
by mk941 March 06, 2009
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An epic movie that's an epic waste of money - a piece of crap.

- You see "Titanic"?
- Yeah, it was a real crappic.
by Davisonderson August 21, 2006
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The worst possible traffic you can be in. The kind that plagues major metropolitan areas during rush hour, or occurs behind an accident. You replace the "t" in traffic with a "c" and the "ff" with a "pp" - you get crappic. Crappic doesn't need a modifier. There's no such thing as bad crappic. if it's that bad, it's crappic . . . if it isn't that bad, it's just traffic.
"Man, where the hell have you been?" "I was stuck in crappic on the 405!"
by Carol Ward September 07, 2005
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