When you mix spit with a baddie or one of the homies.
by Bd16gggg September 17, 2021
A blanket term for Fortnite, meaning to push out walls in 90-degree turns, mostly to create cover from two sides.
After you're done taking lookout and pressuring your opponent from above, you can go back to cranking 90s.
by FL4ym3Burn December 1, 2019
When a song from the 90s comes on the radio and you crank up the volume Knob.
Cranking 90s? What the Fuck do these kids know about the 90s?
by sadmath December 7, 2019
Slang term for making out. Other wise known as mixing spit, or snogging.
Hey u wanna crank 90s later,
yeah i love Cranking 90s
by bdog16 September 17, 2021
A term for Fortnite that means building walls on a 90 degree angle, but with a very poor level of skill and strategy. This usually results in losing a match.
"Thanks for the carry last game bro, I crank soggy 90s when I haven't warmed up."
by marcove3 August 6, 2021