The cutest boy you will know and ever meet. He is the most caring and loving, but when you pluck his last nerve, your done. He is shy, but if you stick around yall will love each other no matter what.
Taylor Craig your the bestest man I've ever known
by Taylor's Sister ❤ February 9, 2019
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Sexy Craig: adjective // noun

Definition: A suave, attractive male who only engages in finger-banging women as opposed to full sexual intercourse.
"God, I can't even sit down after my date with that sexy Craig last night."
by titoburrito September 15, 2021
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A person of the causcasian persuasion usually from the uk, hasn’t shaved in about a week and is most likely a lightweight
The wee Craig: WHENNNNNNN
by Sylan darpe December 15, 2020
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FUCK BUTTERS X KENNY here we have the most precious ship in the world it is called creek (aka tweek x Craig) it’s the most cutest,hottest,sexiest, beautifulist, nicest ship in South Park

(The most cutest thing abt it is that tweek stops twitching when he’s near Craig..UGHHHHH 🥰)
Tweek x Craig is hot.
by Southpark+straykidsfan May 29, 2022
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