The lower section of the vagina that always seems to catch the residual jizz before it hits the bed.
I cream-pied this bird last night but there must have been too much jizz cos some of it spilled out ending up in the sperm cradle
by cjstoney January 15, 2011
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When you have secured an item or objective.
"Hey bro did you get the weed?"
"Yes, the cat's in the cradle."
by qponthedefinition March 11, 2016
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noun 1. The act or body position of one individuals upper torso laying in between another persons lower frame in linkage. 2. Person #1 sleeping head first nearby or on top of Person #2's genital area as an anatomy pillow.
She asked me what my favorite sleeping position was. I told her "The Puaisy Cradle of course."
by MisterMom February 6, 2018
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The way in which a person holds a Fushigi while mesmerizing all their friends.
My three finger cradle is so stable, I never drop that shit.
by Jablomi November 8, 2010
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Twins in a cradle is when you have two adults age 18~26 (commonly preferred to as a Maxwell and Amber) . Maxwell is 26 years of age, works with dogs. As we all know, dogs are an easy source to an 18 year olds woman’s heart. That’s the point…. Watch out. But also, Amber… The 18 year old who is open to the experience of psychedelics, will try anything. Be aware… twins in a cradle, dangerous. F*** around and find out.
This pair is really a twins in a cradle couple….. wow….
by Succubitch December 31, 2022
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A twist cradle is an advanced cheerleading dismount in which the flyer is thrown out of the base’s hands and executes a 360 twist in the air. Then landing in a cradle.
For your stunt section, you will be doing a twist cradle
by Marize November 28, 2020
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Bed of death
Sleeping place for the dead
Arise from you wooden cradle.
by Dynamobeets February 9, 2021
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