Any human who is sexually aroused by common household chairs. This fetish for gyrating can also be extended to lounges, sofas and recliners.
This one in time in Castelenfusano all the beds were taken and amy was left with a chair, she was pleasured by this and hence she was a craddie
by Nano AQKV September 19, 2008
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'Craddy' is the broad term for a sugar daddy within the crypto-space of the internet that originated from the Highrise Creature Club Discord server.

A craddy tends to be generous with their spendings, often paying for the difference people lack for purchases, paying for peoples gas fees or simply handing out crypto or NFTs to people they appreciate.

Unlike a sugar daddy, a craddy does things out of generosity and usually not in exchange for other favors.
OMG! My craddy just transferred 1.5 ethereum into my wallet!

I couldn't afford the full amount for my NFT so my craddy came in to pay my gas fees.

My craddy just got his wallet hacked so I'll have to find a new one!
by pqlear November 26, 2021
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