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Crackfiend. Noun. kuh-rack-feend

A person who attacks people for crack. Can also be used as an insult, like if someone is really hyper or annoying.
"I was attacked by a crackfiend while selling 3 grams of coke."
"My cat is being a crackfiend today."
"You crackfiend."

Anorexic models with shadowy eyes are most likely crackfiends. And Kid Rock.
by Jon the Ninja February 05, 2006
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Crackfiend is a term that can be used to label people that are hyperactive, annoying, head-doing, or, without surprises, on crack.

However, 'The Crackfiend' is an infamous being that used to haunt the dance floors and stages of Mona Vale Hotel, and his nickname was coined by Marko 'Aw Shot M' and Paul 'Oh Puh Kick' after witnessing his exploits and frothing over them.

The Crackfiend is most renowned for his exuberant and slightly unorthodox dancing style, in which both arms are raised above the head, the wrists are locked out and the fingers are pointed as if to simulate a bird's beak, followed by gyration and thrusting of the hips and moving of the arms in a backwards-forwards motion.

The Crackfiend is also known to at times be present at Shark Bar with legends Tate and Hectic Smoh Guy Bouncer aka 'Aww My God, Someone Snuck a Goon Bag In Here!'

Another Crackfiend trademark is walking around aimlessly while holding a sausage sanga, looking as if lost and tripping countless numbers of balls.

While Marko and Paul have speculated the Crackfiend's actions are influenced by the consumption of actual friend, a Crackfiend acquaintance Rhys 'Marto' Martin says otherwise: ...he {the Crackfiend} is not a crack-head, he just gets really pissed.

Whether this is accurate remains to be seen. One thing that is sure though is that the spirit of the Crackfiend has never and will never leave the frothing dance floors of Mona.
Oi check out this hectic crackfiend!

*Marko points Crackfiend out to Paul while Crackfiend is wandering around aimlessly holding a sausage sanga*

Ewna Lady: I don't have the authority to be a Crackfiend.
Paul: Bitch, you are a crackfiend, now get back in the kitchen and make me a sausage sanga... actually wait, you don't have the authority to.

*Spiv walks on set of Black Hawk Down*
Spiv: This isn't the Ivanhoe...
*Looks at cast member*: Dodgy mate, dodgy. Ehhhh!
*Spiv then turns into The Crackfiend, a sausage sanga magically appears in his hand and he starts wandering aimlessly and tripping balls.*
by M Leonidas November 17, 2009
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Crack Fiend originated during the Hawaiian industrial revolution. It was used to describe the workers who had become addicted to crack due to poor working environments. Therefore, crack fiend has been passed down through the generations of Hawaiians and has morphed into a new meaning. It now is used to describe annoying people, as well as people addicted to crack. And sometimes, it is used to describe people who wish they were addicted to crack.
by Bob the Builder September 08, 2004
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"a noun" crrak-feynd

someone who goes crazy because they have put a cocaine rock in a pipe and smoked it like a custo busto
Edward Ferrell over there off Baldwin smokin on some low grade boo boo butter like the "crackfiend" he is
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