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Crackensack is what some people call Hackensack (NJ) because of the drug issues you can find in many parts of town. The city isn't really as bad as people make it out to be, but for the county it's in (Bergen Co, near NYC) it's a hot spot for people around the area to buy and sell drugs.

Hackensack is the largest city in Bergen County, NJ
P1- Yo, you know where i could score some crack and weed
P2- You can probably just take a drive down to Crackensack and find something
P1- Is it safe?
P2- Only if you make it out to be.
by RedGunz December 07, 2009
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n. a quick 5-minute wash in a sink or shower, undertaken by a male, to ensure specific key areas of the body are at their very freshest before meeting up with members of the opposite sex. Can be paired with a titsenpits, or done independently.

Also known as crack'n'sack, crack-n-sack, or crack & sack.
I was running late to meet my girlfriend, so I went with a quick crackensack instead of a full shower.
by McGrobb September 18, 2011
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