saying something or someone is amazing or insane in a spanish way
by BboyCraci May 13, 2010
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1. Insane. Seriously insane. You will do anything, anywhere. Like place your nuts on peoples heads. Or powerbomb little kids into the ground. Or perhaps even try and slide down the stairs into a plate of hotdogs. Just Insane.
I'm not listening to you. You cracy. Get that corn out of my face!

Oh my god, hes so cracy.
by Fenomeno August 21, 2006
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Woke-o-cracy: A Modern form of theocracy based on the Woke uncritical acceptance of Critical Race Theory and the willingness to atone for, cancel, or call out any speech or thought aimed at questioning The Woke’sunderlying assumptions.
The Evergreen Woke mobs seem to advocate for a Woke-o-cracy
by NotonFacebook July 20, 2020
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