Juandre is such a freaking crabapple today. Stop being a crabapple Juandre.
by FiddlyFingers55 April 5, 2018
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1) A person whose face is scrunched up and not proportionate to their already small head. That, along along with a weak chin makes you a crabapple.

2) A person unfamiliar with a common american crab apple or the tree upon which one grows.
Did you ever notice Tina's eyes were too close together, prolly? Yeah dude, she a total crabapple if you didn't realize.
by BackupRightFielder October 11, 2013
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An exclamation that just comes out when you're angry. Not technically a swear!
Describing someone/something that is stupid or useless.
SHITZAM! My crabapple phone is at 3%!
CRABAPPLES! I don't want to ski backwards off that cliff!
by allieh acob February 29, 2016
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It's the nickname used for the new mini macs that just came out. This word derived from the company name/logo. What's smaller than an Apple? Crabapples!
That new crabapple you got is really cool. Now all we need is a folding keyboard and my tablit and we're set!
by Kamui.EXE February 1, 2005
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When Seamus A.K.A SSoHPKC plays the game "Beyond:Two Souls" and takes down a terrorist by wrapping his character's body around their backside, bringing them to the floor and snapping their neck
"Oh man she just used the reverse crabapple on him!"
by Gam3rbl00d October 22, 2013
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