The coolest freakin' name on earth. A very popular Irish last name.
Don't fuck with the Coynes!
by Fear The Bison April 14, 2005
While wearing a three buttoned Polo shirt, a person wears the top and bottom buttons unbuttoned while the middle button is buttoned.
Person 1: Hey man, is your bottom button missing?
Person 2: Nah, I'm Coyning it.
by GreenJelloGod December 25, 2011
Coyn is an amazingly nice and sweet gentleman. Alyssa compleats him inside and out. Coyn is the person that you can count on. Coyn make a whole crowd laugh and smile but you can always point him out because he stands out from the crowd. A Coyn can change you inside and out. Coyn is one of the best person you can meet and he has a killer ass smile that can definitely light up the world. Be sure to find a Coyn because he is amazing
I just can’t wait to marry coyn
by Hottiebuttie March 21, 2018
a penis with an abnormally long and tall glans.
Kevin's glans was almost as long as his shaft because he had a coyne.
by Chase Cheffe August 4, 2007
To be having a great deal of money, but at the same time beinga faggot.
Rythum : Yo bro, hes coyning, I don't know if I should hang out with him.

Ash: Yeah, hes annoying when he's coyning.
by Umerica March 1, 2011
to have one's head up his ass so as to think he had innate ability
His coyning in the boat was absurd, considering he was a novice.
by Butch March 3, 2005

(1) (n) a woman with enormous testicles.

(2) (a)a word used when you can not tell if the person you are looking at is male or female - and it doesn't matter which it is.

"Wow man, did you see the size of her balls, what a coyne!"
by anie nonomous April 14, 2009