I’m really angy that Covey does not yet have an urban dictionary definition. Ylcoveysux, T*m Fr*eman. The creator of Haggarty, Some Cats Live Some Cats Die, and Class of Cardinal Sin. Also the creator of Chicken Spins. Covey also did the Tour to Nobody in 2019. A really swag guy.
What are we doing in the stitchers call tonight?”
“We said we were gonna work on the PowerPoint, but the time will really just be spent bullying Covey.”
by Hickorysux June 16, 2021
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Man, that guy that lied to that internet girl for all those months while he was living with another woman is definitely Covey.
by ScoobyD0906 June 08, 2018
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The act of going straight to tongue during a heated grind-on with a boy at a partyrock dance.
"That boy be so fly, I just want to get up all in him and go straight for the Covey.
by Manny McFly November 15, 2011
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When someone answers a question with such conviction that you have no reason to question it. But they actually don't have any idea and are in fact probably wrong.
Driver: is it left or right?
Passenger: it's left!
Driver: fuck, we're going the wrong way!
Backseat: dude, you just got coveyed
by Smirk835 April 20, 2016
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To crowd around or snuggle up against another person. Generally carries a negative connontation, as in "Quit coveyin', ya bunch of hoodlums!" Origin: West Georgia
"Hey, stop! Quit coveyin'"
by Makenna December 01, 2003
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